HE-Connect 400

Double siphoning system
A locking system in 4 points
Special marking to indicate electrical connection.

HE-Connect 400 Connecting box B125


Hermelock manhole covers are made of Polyurethane, reinforced with fiberglass with matching frame made of reinforced Polypropylene. xtremely suitable for electric power points for temporarily connections, connections for illuminated panels, for traffic lights etc. Product is delivered together with access chamber (round 315) with bottom Also included 2 sealrings to obtain watertightness, 1 to be putted into frame and 1 to create watertightness between frame and chamber Ø 315.

Advantage product

  • Watertight to drainage water by double siphon system.
  • Resisting loads according to the standards EN-124 class B-125
  • Anti slippery design with little noise
  • A smell-proof sealing (Double siphoning system)
  • A locking system in 4 points
  • Colour: Black
  • Special marking to indicate electrical connection.

Composite material

Place of installation
Group 2, class B125 →see EN124.
For use in car parks and pedestrian areas where only occasional vehicular access is likely.

Key KE1

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